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Canvassing cited as “success story” for major markets

Canvassing helps lead to NET revenue growth. Check out page 23 of this Public Broadcasting study: Models-of-the-Future-report.

Winning members at their doors

Current News Article By Dru Sefton | December 3, 2012 One of the most promising new membership initiatives to come along for public television in years doesn’t involve phone banks, on-air pitches or premium packages. It’s door-to-door canvassing, the grass-rootsy technique for talking up causes and soliciting donations face-to-face. Read More

Canvassing included as a new approach to PBS Kids fundraising

Current News Article June 11, 2012 During pledge drives, public television stations routinely ignore one of their biggest audience draws — the daytime PBS Kids block — deeming the meager returns not worth the effort of disrupting the viewing habits of children who watch each day. But ongoing financial challenges at many stations have prompted […]

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